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Sirloin Tip Roast How To Cook

sirloin tip roast how to cook

    how to
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Fat or Edible Dormouse

Fat or Edible Dormouse

Got this tasty book off of a friend, it has all the edible mammals of Great Britian, including this tasty treat.

But wait, there's more! Not only can you sample Fat Dormouse, but other tasty treats include, crispy Bechstein's Bat, Pygmy Shrew, Red and Grey Squirrel and for the really adventurous, Common Dolphin.

All the mammals come with quick and easy traditional recipes cooked slow for your eating satisfaction and with the finest herbs and spices, including HP Sauce.

Furthermore it will tell you how long to hang the meats for (one week for the Dormouse, a month for Dartmoor Pony) and the best cuts - did you know that hindquarters of badger is nearly as fine grained as Bank Vole sirloin?

It also goes into the (now banned) Kings Banquet Special of Roast Peasant with ground Serf Stuffing and cooking for the traveller including tips for poaching, stealing, tenderising and roadkill all on the move.

It's really a wonderful book and I hope to visit the Emerald Isles one day to share it with all my newfound friends on Flickr!

That's not the kind of "Adventure In Food" I had in mind.

That's not the kind of "Adventure In Food" I had in mind.

You know, sometimes life hands you the joke, punchline and all.

It's at times like these that I am very, very glad to have a pocket camera on me pretty much all the time.

sirloin tip roast how to cook

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