Creating Your Own Cookbook - How Long To Cook A Duck.

Creating Your Own Cookbook

creating your own cookbook

  • (create) bring into existence; "The company was created 25 years ago"; "He created a new movement in painting"

  • (create) make: make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"

  • Bring (something) into existence

  • (of an actor) Originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time

  • (create) pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity; "Don't disturb him--he is creating"

  • Cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions

  • a book of recipes and cooking directions

  • The Cookbook is the sixth studio album by American rapper Missy Elliott, released by The Goldmind Inc. and Atlantic Records on July 5, 2005, in the United States.

  • A book containing recipes and other information about the preparation and cooking of food

  • A cookbook is a book that contains information on cooking. It typically contains a collection of recipes, and may also include information on ingredient origin, freshness, selection and quality.

Freedom - Table Tucker

Freedom - Table Tucker

Excerpt from Table Tucker - Penina Petersen

Freedom is a ticket to the destination of your dreams. Freedom is a brisk walk early in the morning with your dog. Freedom is getting off work early. Yeah! Freedom is friends who let you be you. Freedom digs with you in the garden. Freedom frees your hands and mind to create. Freedom belts out a loud voice at a sports match. It visits on a road trip when you stop by the river for cheese crackers and a flask of tea. Freedom smells fishy and salty on a boat. It flutters around the guts as a plane climbs. Freedom camps with you and your mates by a fire on a clear night when the stars are out. Freedom gift-wraps your life’s purpose and sends it to you. Yes! Freedom is owning your own mind. Freedom is life without war and having the good luck to be able to work toward peace. Freedom helps you to shake off the chains of addiction. Freedom is your bum on a bike ride, your skin in the ocean and your mind in a rainforest. Freedom is that moment of clarity when you finally ‘get it.’ Freedom is a long run to some fast songs. Freedom and imagination are great mates. Freedom is an unplanned adventure. Freedom is giving without wanting something back. Freedom is feeling fifteen every day of your life. Freedom plays with a mum and kid in the sand. Freedom is your first kiss, your first car, your first trip, your first everything. Freedom is having enough great adventures that every experience feels like ‘a first.’

FUSE: "Culinary Climax"

FUSE: "Culinary Climax"

Cooking can be a roller coaster ride. You do not know what is going to happen until you take the plunge. Culinary Climax takes you on an adventure and allows you to customize your own recipe. Throughout the cook book there are 63 different ingredients to create the perfect meal.

Start out with a basic ingredient. From that page, continue to create your customized meal by deciding which ingredient to add next. You choose your own adventure throughout the cookbook. Every recipe is different to fit your mood. Each category is color coated to match a clip found in the back of the cookbook. The clips are used to bookmark a page so you have the option of referring back.

creating your own cookbook

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