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How To Cook Healthy Meals

how to cook healthy meals

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2/365 must be healthier....

2/365 must be healthier....

To be honest I should eat more fruit, I presume I am not the only person who feels they eat too much crap! I try to be good, but I love my food. Today I have decided I am going to eat healthier and try to lose a stone. I gave up smoking 9 days ago so it seems the next logical step in getting healthier (excerise will come later... I don't want to push it!)

So I will cut down on crisps, chocolate and wine. I will eat more fruit and veg and cook healthier meals... I will try anyhow!!!!!

This is day 2 of my 365... I am having lots of fun playing with my camera and enjoying learning how it works.

Pasta with Pepper Relish

Pasta with Pepper Relish

Mmm, now this was one hell of a tasty meal - from Delia's How to Cook Book Three 'Pasta with Pepper Relish'. I love using rigatoni pasta and this meal was low fat, hurrah!

how to cook healthy meals

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